Photo by FJ Ventre

The Shady Grove Band has become an establishment with arts councils in North Carolina and across the United States. Their popularity has grown over the past fourteen years, with hundreds of arts council events, concerts, and in-school programs. These venues have ranged from town and city celebrations to special events and concert series. The band's in-school program teachers students about the Carolina's rich bluegrass history, and the way each individual instrument and voice plays aa role in the creation of melody, harmony, and the rhythm as it applies to all genres of music. Their program is a fast paced, funny show, in which kids and teachers learn by laughing, clapping , singing and having a great time. The Shady Grove Band has been proudly affiliated with the North Carolina and South Carolina Arts councils and the Southern Arts Federation, who continue to help fund and promote the group's important work with children and adults alike.

"They are the best group in the state, if not the country! Even if you don't think you like bluegrass you'll love this group."
     Jean Weaver, Onslow County Arts

"They stirred an electricity within the crowd. They had them swinging"
      D. Newell, Director, Person County Arts Council

"The Shady Grove Band was really a 'hoot' for staff and students. Bravo!!...Enriching, a good learning experience."

      Helen Baker, Bugg Elementary

"Positive, enthusiastic -- some teachers felt this was the best performance ever at douglas!...This group is a delight to work with! They relate well to children."
      Marilyn Bushey, Douglas Elementary

"The Shady Grove Band is a joy to work with. Their talent and willingness to work with their sponsors was the reasons for having them back this year."
      Judy Meier, Beaufort County Arts Council

"The pig nose was preposterous. I thought the music was phenomenal. It must take a lot of fortitude to play base fibble (sic). I enjoyed your music!"
      April Keasler, 2nd Grade Class, Mount Pleasant Elementary